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Grove can take a photograph, image or text of your choice and laser-engrave it on a leather cover for your Moleskine notebook. A great gift for anyone who still loves to take notes via paper and pen, like me! The custom covers are $79. via Shelterific

Here’s one of the NYC baby photos, from Brian Dorsey Studios. Fantastic! 

Love these baby photos Ceci of Ceci Style had taken of her son, Mason, really showing off their city. A great alternative to the standard studio portraits—show something about where you live! 


“This is how Maurice Sendak sometimes sent his letters. Just imagine getting one.” (via Letters Of Note)

(via npr)

The Wisdom of Others

I love this idea—perfect for a graduate, a couple about to get married or have a baby, or a friend facing a tough time, like illness or divorce. It’s a new site/product called “The Wisdom of Others" which helps you solicit quotes and advice from the recipient’s family and friends, and then turn them into a nice hardbound book. It’s a very personal gift that I think would be incredibly meaningful. They start at $29.95, or $14.95 for ebooks.  

I remember my sister making me a “Nothing Book” (a blank book before journals became so popular—anyone remember those?) filled with quotes and photos she had selected for me, all hand-written. It still sits on my bedside table, one of my most treasured possessions because of all the thought and care that went into it. Whenever I need a lift, I love to page through it! 

We also have even prettier handbound books from Rag & Bone Bindery that are designed to fill in with similar sentiments, such as “12 Wishes for Baby" and "12 Wishes for Your Marriage" and "12 Ways You Made a Difference.” These would make it even easier to create a book, especially at an event such as a shower—and they’re beautiful! 

What a gift does

One of my inspirations in starting my gift site is that as much fun as it is to get a gift, I have absolutely no doubt that, for me at least, I get way more enjoyment out of giving one. That is why I loved the event Gentri and Kaityln, from isavirtue, came up with called “Send Something Good.” It was so much fun to pack up a box of little unexpected treats for someone I didn’t know—but was getting to know through her blog, Dear Life … From a Mom of Boys. The more I read Tracy Jensen’s heartfelt blog posts, the more excited I felt about getting to send her a package. Because if anyone has EVER deserved a gift, it is Tracy. We are both moms of boys, but while I have two, she is raising FIVE, including a beautiful little boy with spina bifida. She has so many challenges to deal with, and yet when you read her words, there is always a bright, strong spirit shining through—being honest about what’s hard, but never giving up. She is an inspiration! And the very definition of a mother, in all its heartbreaking challenges and glorious rewards. Tracy wrote the nicest blog post about receiving her package at just the right time—that it made her week! Well Tracy, you made mine! 

Such a great idea!

I am so excited about participating in the “Send Something Good” project dreamed up by Gentri Lee and running on Kaitlyn’s blog, isavirtue. Who doesn’t love getting an unexpected package of specialness in the mail? Wouldn’t the world be a great place if everyone came up with such wonderful random acts of kindness? It’s like a “Secret Santa” only not at Christmas, for grownups, and we’re encouraged to really get to know the other blogger we’re sending a special package to so we choose something they’ll LOVE. I encourage you to think about doing this on your own—just sending a friend or relative a little special unexpected something “just because.” Those are the kinds of gifts that really mean something, because they’re not expected or “Hallmark-ed,” they’re genuine gestures from the heart. You might just make someone’s day! 

We are encouraged to share a few things that we love to help our giver learn more about us. So here goes for me: 
1. I am obsessed with paper, gift wrap and stationery. I simply cannot resist beautiful gift wrap, ribbon, letterpress cards, notebooks, scrapbooks, etc. etc.  
2. I love books.
3. I appreciate handmade things.  
4. I love fabrics (even though I can’t sew), especially vintage florals (i have a collection of 40s vintage barkcloth florals), and bed linens. 
5. I love flowers (lilacs, peonies, old roses). And chocolate. The two biggest cliches but they always work for me. 

I’ve included one image here, or please check out my Pinterest page for more visuals! :-)  

Create a cool custom phone case with your own photos

Could be a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift (or gift to yourself): Create your own phone case on using photos on your computer, Facebook or Instagram. You can use one photo or a strip of photos. $35-$40. Via Wantist. 

Just looking for a great personalized phone case and don’t want to flash your personal photos all the time? We have a great selection of chic patterns and you can add your name or monogram here

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